Tomato Mountain

IMG_1768Alex Steussy-Williams has taken a job for the summer, working on an organic farm near New Glarus. It would be hard to imagine somewhere further from Occidental College in urban Los Angeles, where she will be a junior next year. We went to see her there on Friday.

IMG_1775Alex Steussy-Williams and sister Nicky Steussy-Williams at Tomato Mountain. Camilla is picking strawberries behind them.

IMG_1778Alex and the giant tomato.

IMG_1776Alex in her greenhouse with even more tomatoes.

IMG_1772Me, Daniel and Camilla looking for strawberries in the field.

IMG_1782Daniel lost in the fields of Tomato Mountain.

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  1. Bonnie Steussy says:

    Hi Alex,

    Here is another Steussy in California close to your age-My daughter, Brook Steussy-Edfeldt. Her e-mail address is She also does facebook. It might be fun for you to connect. Bonnie Steussy, Issaquah, Washington

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