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Raising a Large Family

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Officially, we’ve been a family of six for one week.

It’s been very pleasant to sit in my reading chair downstairs and see the boys playing in the toy area, while the three girls are upstairs fiddling with Baby Veronica. It reminds me of my experience growing up in the Steussy household in Indiana. There, I was the fourth child of five. The older ones were all much older (+10, +9 and +7), Christopher was younger (-3). This meant that there were always groups of people doing something, somewhere in the house. In fact, it would almost be hard to do something completely by yourself. That’s the kind of household we now have.

Funny thing – I mentioned this to Norma, Chris’ wife, on the phone a few days ago. She commented that Chris’ memory is that growing up in Indiana, there were only two of us. Odd that so short a difference in age can mean a completely different experience in the same household, as I clearly remember the rich experience of having everyone at home for building snowforts, swimming, trips to the lakehouse, …