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The 60th Anniversary, Part Three

Thursday, August 27th, 2009


These are the roses that Cally ordered for Mom – 27 different ones – each to represent a different member of the family: Calvin, Gene, Cally, Nic, Helen, Ed, Chris, Rich, Marti, Tom, Norma, Gabi, Andy, David, Cally, Charlie, Alex, Nicky, KC, TJ (excuse me, Thomas), Bella, Calvin, Dan-dan, Camilla, Aaron, Solona and Veronica. Quite a mob.

UPDATE: Arrgh! We forgot to add spouse of the grandkids! Sorry Ashley Parkinson and Lindsey Steussy (or did Lindsey keep her maiden name?). Total of 29 now … and counting.


60th Anniversary, Part Two

Thursday, August 27th, 2009


I was just talking to Mom and Dad on the phone, and realized that I had these photos in the book they had given us at Christmas. I did a quick scan of the full family (above – missing Cally Steussy in Japan, and Solana and Veronica only), and also a better image of the original wedding (doesn’t it seem kinda lonely in comparison – there are only two of them!).


60th Wedding Anniversary

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Mom_and_Dad_WeddingToday is my parent’s 60th wedding anniversary. Wow!

Five grown children, 15 grandchildren, no great grandchildren to date (though our family tends to produce progeny relatively late in life, so great grandchildren are still rather likely to come).

Cally is taking the parents to dinner tonight in Chicago. And everyone else is phoning in or sending their congratulations in other ways.