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Raising a Large Family

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Officially, we’ve been a family of six for one week.

It’s been very pleasant to sit in my reading chair downstairs and see the boys playing in the toy area, while the three girls are upstairs fiddling with Baby Veronica. It reminds me of my experience growing up in the Steussy household in Indiana. There, I was the fourth child of five. The older ones were all much older (+10, +9 and +7), Christopher was younger (-3). This meant that there were always groups of people doing something, somewhere in the house. In fact, it would almost be hard to do something completely by yourself. That’s the kind of household we now have.

Funny thing – I mentioned this to Norma, Chris’ wife, on the phone a few days ago. She commented that Chris’ memory is that growing up in Indiana, there were only two of us. Odd that so short a difference in age can mean a completely different experience in the same household, as I clearly remember the rich experience of having everyone at home for building snowforts, swimming, trips to the lakehouse, …

Photos and Visits

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Steussy_SistersSteussy sisters

visitorsLeila and boys come to visit, bringing food and fun.

5_of_6Five of the six Temecula Steussy’s.

Veronica Video

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

The video below is in standard definition.

You can see the HD video on YouTube here. Alternatively, you can download the full MP4 file here (use right-click and “Save As”—not for the faint of heart—750MB of data).

Veronica Meets Her Family

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

IMG_1953Mom comes up to the car with Veronica in her hands. This is the
first look that the three kids have of their new sister.

IMG_1958Mom latches Veronica into her car seat, with many onlookers.

IMG_1968Playing with Veronica at home for the first time.

IMG_1975Veronica is 32 hours old – and at home.

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

I just talked with Gabi on the phone – everything is fine at the hospital and she is sleeping with Veronica. Veronica is nursing just fine.

Everyone is tired—no one got much sleep last night. I need to stay here in Temecula to keep an eye on the kids – children younger than 16 are not allowed in the Labor and Delivery rooms at the hospital, so there will be no family visit there like we had with Aaron. We should all be home by noon on Wednesday.

We know that some of you are close enough to come visit, and we’d like to encourage people to come anytime starting on Thursday. Give us a call or email to arrange a time.

For those of you following us by the web, the next batch of photos will likely be up Wednesday afternoon or evening, showing the whole family (the six of us) getting together for the first time.

While the site was being hammered over the past 12 hours (we were linked by a very popular site –, followed by Boing Boing, reddit and others – and received thousands of hits per hour), the system held up pretty well. If it takes you awhile for a page to load, just give it time.

That’s about it. We’ve received lots of well-wishes by email and on Facebook, and would like to thank each and every one of you for them.

Last Photo

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


This is the last photo I took of Gabi and Veronica before I left this morning.

I’m now home with the three kids (Courtney and Martha took care of them while I was out). Gabi and Veronica will be back home Wednesday morning.

Veronica Maria Steussy

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Born 6:04am August 11, 2009 Riverside, California

2810 grams

20.3 in

Kids’ Midnight Mom Escort

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


Just got back from the hospital. All is well with Gabi. More reports soon.

Kids' Midnight Mom Escort

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


Just got back from the hospital. All is well with Gabi. More reports soon.

At hospital

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

At Riverside Hospital with full family.