Snow Leopard at Steussy Ranch

snow_leopard_boxSnow Leopard is now installed on the main Steussy Ranch computer (a Santa Rosa Macbook Pro, upgraded to 4GB RAM, 250GB internal hard drive).

  • 11 GB of hard disk space retrieved
  • Boot time (from choosing the operating system in rEFIt – because of the computer’s triple operating systems – to having Mail and a browser ready to go) reduced from 2 minutes 51 seconds to 2 minutes 15 seconds.
  • Mail is WAY faster (there are eleven years of all personal and business email stored here).
  • Firefox has no difference.
  • Safari is WAY faster.
  • Adobe Suite CS3 works fine.
  • NTFS file format is readable (very useful for reading Windows hard disks)
  • rEFIt needs to be reblessed, but works fine.

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