First Tests of the Year

camilla_spelling_onePardon me playing Dad here, but I need to post the kids’ results of their first two weeks in school. Above is Camilla’s first test. Ever. Not bad at all. Particularly if you’re four years old.

daniel_spelling_oneThis is Dan-dan’s first spelling test of the year. Not sure why he mixed up “can” and “mat.” I’m sure he’ll do better next time.

daniel_mathDan-dan’s first math test. Ever. 100%. Not too shabby.

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  1. Mom says:

    I loved them. Gramma Gene- Brought back memories of my first efforts in the last century when I did a whole page of backward 2’s. She needs to work on her name- but it has so many confusing i’s and l’s. Tell DanDan to speed up. Time for football. Go Colts tomorrow night.

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