More Photos

IMG_2142I’ve had complaints that I’m not posting enough photos, so here are some recent ones. Not much going on at the Steussy Ranch – wrapping up summer. Kids are back in school next Tuesday (after the Labor Day holiday). Veronica is growing, continues to sleep and eat well. Older brothers and sister are treating her well. Dan-dan and Camilla take turns holding her, and Aaron climbs the side of her crib to “pat” her head and say, “‘Ronica! ‘Ronica!”

4_temecula_kidsGetting four kids together in a good photo will be quite a challenge this year. At least all four of them are present above.

at_playWe’ve had lot’s of visitors over the past few weeks. These are Leila’s visit this last Sunday – during our two weeks of over 100 degree weather.

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