Updates from the Ranch

IMG_2192Lot’s of small news – nothing big. The Steussy Ranch Mobile suddenly became undrivable for no good reason yesterday. After years of owning only non-American cars, I consider our purchase of the Ford minivan a grand experiment for the extended Steussy clan. Suddenly breaking down after 45,000 miles is not a good indication. Note that Gabi has updated the sticker in the back window to accurately reflect the new family size.

I spent the last two days in jury service. Amazingly, I was even seated in a jury box, with both attorneys accepting me as a juror. This was after they’d thrown out everyone who had said anything remotely intelligent in questioning. Day two, however, the public defender came to her senses and dismissed me. I don’t think I’ll ever, ever sit on a jury. There is something criminally wrong with Riverside County’s jury selection system. I’d very, very rarely been chosen for jury duty anywhere else, but here they hit me once very 18 months or so. Something very wrong about that.

76184544DV012_DETROITToday starts American Football season, the most intellectual sport on the planet. I’ve had great fun since starting to seriously watch in 2004. Gabi and I are in the family football pool again this year. It will be fun.

IMG_2193That’s about it. Big kids are in school; I’m taking care of the littlest two while Gabi meets a friend for coffee. That’s all there is …

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  1. crs says:

    ouch. sorry about the van. 6 years old? hope its not too expensive.

  2. Ed Steussy says:

    Got it back yesterday. Not too bad. Still, I haven’t had a car have a mechanical breakdown in so long, I can’t remember the last time. Accidents, fender benders and the like, yes. But to just stop working? No.

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