Steussy Family Tree

Steussy_family_tree Click on the above image for a full size view. This is the Steussy family tree based on our gatherings this Thanksgiving weekend. More photos and information later.

The tree starts with Melchoir Steussy (1823-1897) for a good reason. When he immigrated in 1845, the immigration officials misspelled his last name of Stüssi. Everyone alive with the last name Steussy, with that particular spelling, is a descendant of Melchoir and one of his ten children. Our oldest photos (located here) show Henry Steussy, his ninth child and my great-grandfather.

I fully expect there are many errors here. Please send corrections to me at ed “at”

Names included here (in no order whatsoever) are: Melchoir Steussy, Henry Steussy, Samuel Steussy, Rosa Pfieffer Steussy, Henry Melchard Steussy, Samuel Edward Steussy, Anna Levina Steussy, Alvin David Steussy, Aaron Wilhelm Steussy, Henry Melchoir Steussy, Norman Babler Steussy, Jolly Susan Steussy, Bonnie Steussy, Buzz Steussy, Henry Steussy, Maria Geiger Steussy, Ellen Kundert Steussy, Edwin Emil Steussy, Leroy Aaron Steussy, Brook Steussy-Edfeldt, Robin Steussy, , Ethel Hajdu Steussy, Fritz Steussy, Wina Steussy, Sue Steussy, Calvin Nicklaus Steussy, Gene Woodfin Steussy, Mary Steussy Shanahan, Fred Steussy, Melbern Steussy, John Steussy, John Peter Steussy, Nic Steussy, Marti Steussy, David Steussy, Clara Gene (“Cally”) Steussy, Helen Freitag Steussy, Alexandra Steussy-Williams, Nicky Steussy-Williams, Katherine (“KC”) Steussy-Williams, Thomas Steussy-Williams, Edwin Eugene Steussy, Gabriella Steussy, Christopher Robin Steussy, Norma Pizarro Steussy

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  1. Ruth (Steussy) Rondeau says:

    I am completing the geneaology for Alvin David Steussy, my grandfather. He is the son of Samuel Steussy (brother to your great grandfather Henry Steussy), who is the son of Melchoir Steussy. I have acquired a good bit of information about our family branch. Have been scanning our Alvin David Steussy geneaology book for all the relatives and placing it on a CD. Almost finished.

    Samuel Steussy was born in New Glarus, WI, but moved to LuVerne, IA. Alvin David Steussy moved from LuVerne, IA to Foxhome, MN, then Fergus Falls, Minnesota, and had several children (one was my dad).

  2. admin says:

    Excellent! Please send the scan here as well. With your permission, I’d like to post portions/all of it here.

  3. D. Stussy says:

    From your immigrant ancestor, Melchior (1823-1897)*, our closest common ancestor is his patrilineal g-g-grandparents Johannes (1690-1753) and wife Barbara Aebli (1686-1737). However, our common patrilineal ancestor is actually his father. I’ll be updating my data with the information from your tree graph soon.

    * – As of this posting, your ancestor shows at my sites on this page:
    (What I have is also a work in progress. Precise URLs are subject to change when my data is re-sorted.)

    My line changed our spelling from Stussi to Stussy about 1905 to make it appear “more American.” However, I have not been able to find any legal document that confirms this – so it might simply have been done without the aid of the courts.

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