Holiday Feast

Monday, December 28 will be our Holiday Feast. In many ways, it will be similar to our Thanksgiving celebration. Turkey, stuffing, numerous side dishes. Dang, it will be good!


People should come when they can. We will always have food and drink available. We’re not planning on lunch that day. Dinner will be early so we have time for postprandial conversation before we have to start putting the kids in bed around 7pm or so.

11am People should feel free to arrive anytime after this.

3pm  Martini Hour

4pm  Dinner Hour


Chris and Norma Steussy, with two of their children: Calvin (7) and Solana (1). Chris is a history teacher at San Diego High School and hosts a blog about his class here. Norma is an accomplished artist who is now working on a new show, to be presented this winter.

David Edfeldt, Bonnie Steussy and their daughter Brook Steussy-Edfeldt. David is a Microsoft exec in Seattle. Bonnie runs a long-established children’s care center there, the Children’s Garden. Brook just completed her Masters’ Degree in Child Development two week ago.

Buzz Steussy is a Palm Springs-based retired telecommunications exec.

Leila Abrous-Sasanka will be here with her two sons, Frederik (3) and Roger (2). Leila has a PhD in Organic Chemistry and is living in San Diego, originally from New York.


Gabi’s 2-day basted mustard turkey, Lintzer cookies, coconut chocolate squares and more. Leila and Courtney are bringing side dishes and appetizers. It will be a good feast for all of us …

Gabi Serves a Feast

Coconut Chocolate Squares

Coconut Chocolate Squares

Linzer Cookies

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