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Is There a Doctor in the House?

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

A Present for Camilla

Last Fall, we nearly lost my mother. She was admitted to a hospital, coded, received bad cardiac tests, was repeatedly given insulin despite clear evidence that her body couldn’t handle it and generally was ill-served by the medical community. The only voice of reason came from my brother, Nic, the former family physician-turned-biophysics-researcher. Mom might have survived the ill treatment of the doctors without him, but I sure wouldn’t want to gamble on it. I decided that in light of this experience, I would gently nudge one or more of my offspring into the family business: medicine.

The original thought had been a signup sheet outside my office door, “Who is going to be the doctor this week?” This failed when I presented it at dinner and asked who was going to be the first on the signup sheet and three of them raised their hands (Veronica didn’t since she’s not raising hands yet). I decided not to be so subtle.

Is Dr. Camilla Observing Sterile Technique Here?

Hence, a game of Operation for Camilla at Christmas! Realistic medical facts and situations, like surgically removing a bird from somewhere around the brain. The gentle art of extracting a rubberband leg bone without touching the electrically sensitive edges of the opening. Just the thing!

Don’t laugh too hard now. It just might work!