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Rainy Week in Temecula

Monday, January 18th, 2010

It’s the start of seven, eight or nine days of rain for Southern California today. Up to 20 inches expected — as much as we normally get in a year.

So, what to do with the kids? Jump in puddles, of course!

Football Update

Monday, January 18th, 2010

Only three games left to go. Still alive are Minnesota (Cally), New Orleans (Dad), Indianapolis (Mom) and the New York Jets (me).

We’ve only had two good games during the post-season: Green Bay vs. Arizona and Jets vs. San Diego. The others have been blowouts. Next week’s games should be better.

Whatever the outcome of the Jets-Indianapolis game, I’ll be happy. If the Jets win, I have a pool team in the Superbowl. If Indy wins, I have them in the Superbowl. Win-win. Personally, I want to see Favre and Manning in the Superbowl, but that’s just me.