Brunch in La Mesa

David Edfeldt, Bella, Chris Steussy, Veronica Steussy, Bonnie Steussy, Gabi Steussy

Friend, Bella, Chris Steussy in Chris and Norma's backyard

David Edfeldt, Bonnie Steussy, Chris Steussy, Solana Steussy

A highly mobile Solana and Aaron Steussy

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  1. crs says:

    Nice photos! Wish I were so quick. Well, Calvin is playing civilization on the PC and the iBook is maxed out with photos. I guess the school is letting me have the old G4 as my own. I assume I can upgrade it at the apple store.

    Had a great time. Thanks for coming down to the opening and the brunch. I’ll be in touch re: boys night out with Andy.

  2. Ed Steussy says:

    The top group photo is going on my short list for favorite photo of all time. The only one hamming the camera is Veronica!

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