Everything’s Coming Up Roses

April 30, 2007. A two year old Camilla stands next to the gazebo.

Gabi’s roses are about to bloom again. In fact, looking for the photos of the last five years, they’re a little late this year. A bit odd, since we’ve had plentiful rainfall and watering.

Nonetheless, this is the season to sit in the gazebo, read a good book and watch the kids run around in the back yard. Below are some of our historical rose photos, as well as what it looks like today.

April 24, 2009. Last year was a good one for roses.

May 14, 2006. The gazebo makes an island inside a sea of flowers.

April 23, 2005. Lot's of rain this year. And Gabi didn't have a chance to trim back the bushes, so it was a 'wild' year.

April 26, 2010. This is what it looked like, ten minutes ago. One bulb ready to open.

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