Friday Mob Scene

Camilla and Daniel sleep late at the condo

The Steussy family mob all got together on Friday. Photos are below.

Grandpa Cal comes to Talliho for lunch - and is mobbed

Uncle Nic, Aaron, Daniel and Camilla at the Apple Store, fondling iPads.

Aaron with Uncle Nic playing an iPad game

Daniel finds a driving game. "I don't want to leave yet."

Nic's new refrigerator. "Now, where are those kitties?"

Nic reads the Economist to Veronica. "The Japanese Steel industry ..."

Waiting for arrivals at Talliho

Nic, TJ and Cally the Younger

Big Cally and Veronica - the eldest and youngest of their generations

Kids eat first, while adults have preprandial drinks

Helen bids goodbye to Grandpa Cal

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  1. mom says:

    It was a great visit and great having you here. Come again soon. LOVE, MOM

  2. crs says:

    looks like a great trip. why is nic’s fridge in his living room?

  3. nic says:

    We needed to remove the kitchen door before they could get the fridge into the kitchen. Did that Sunday afternoon.

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