Veronica in Indiana

Uncle Tom and Veronica

We made it to Indiana. Flying on a red-eye with four children under the age of 6 was actually less trouble than we anticipated. We landed at 5am local time and made our way through downtown Indianapolis in search of a Starbucks (found one right in the Circle). Voice search, GPS and Google maps to the rescue!

Arriving at the condo, we found ourselves locked out. The battery had died in the external garage door opener. Tom came over to check it out. We replaced the battery, which apparently reset the system so it needed to be reprogrammed. Nic found an old key labeled “New Talliho Key”, and came out to test it. Success! He also reprogrammed the garage opener, using a Chinese-English manual from the late 80’s.

Veronica and Mom

After getting in, we found stuffed animals, Easter signs, a fridge full of good food, toys and books. We had more energy than we realized. We made a trip to see Grandpa Cal and Grandma Gene. We also stopped in to see the Nic Steussy’s, though energy was definitely fading at that point.

For the big kids, the highlight was going to Helen and Tom’s house at Brixton. Cats! Geese! Fish!

Today – Easter Egg Hunt!

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  1. Lovely picture of Tom and Veronica!

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