Calvin Nicklaus Steussy, MD.


My father, Calvin Nicklaus Steussy, passed away last night. It was unexpected. He was 86. I’m on a plane in a few hours and will write more later. September 11, 1923 – May 3, 2010. My brother, Christopher, has written his thoughts here, soon after we learned Dad had passed away.

Malibu 2001

Tennis with Tom, 1985

Lake Santee, 1984

Only four of them. 1955.

Wedding. 1949.

Calvin Steussy, 19, with his family

Honeymoon 1949

2 Responses to “Calvin Nicklaus Steussy, MD.”

  1. Lovely post on our Dad.
    I love the pictures.
    I can see why the resident at Zionsville last week thought Tom was Dad’s brother.

  2. tom williams says:

    …is that his brother playing tennis with him…!? I did enjoy our tennis bouts – he was very competitive and wanted Helen (when we played triples) to hit to my forehand – usually worked! I will miss him…

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