Letters to Dad – A Memorial Day Post

Dad's 75th Birthday Memory Book

Almost twelve years ago, my sister Cally made a 75th Birthday Memory Book for Dad. It included letters from more than two dozen friends and family members, telling their memories of him.

At Dad’s Memorial Service in Indiana earlier this month, I was struck by how several of the short speeches and memories were almost word-for-word the same as those in the letters from this book.

On Memorial Day, it is a time to remember. And these are the most complete memories of Dad that I have ever seen written down. If you don’t read any other letter, do read the one from Robin. It’s a poignant note between brothers, both now lost in a span of some 16 short months.

Some of the others follow after the break. You can click on each page to get a larger image.

Robin Steussy, Dad’s brother:

Mary Shanahan, sister:

Joann Lampman, 8th Grade:

Bob Brown, High School:

Sandy McNall:

John Sammond, Cousin:

Peter Sammond, Cousin:

Barbara McPhee, Cousin:

There are many more in the memory book…

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