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Electronic Traveling

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Most of today was spent getting my electronics ready to travel. Since I need to be continually in contact with my business, this takes some forethought.

I’ve mentioned before that the need for voice communication is far less today than it was even five years ago. Almost everything happens by email. So, one key is to ensure cellphone email access. That can be done easily (international data roaming through AT&T) or I can work through a Chinese SIM card. I think I will opt for the later.

I’ve relearned how to SSH tunnel into my server. I last did this while traveling in Budapest two years ago. It allows me to email, surf the web and download files over a secure, encrypted line at all times. It’s rather like a VPN (Virtual Private Network), but with less overhead.

I’ve also ordered plug adapters and laptop locks. I think I may be about ready to go …