Seaworld #2

Shamu at Seaworld. Very big.

We went to Seaworld again this Sunday. Yes, that’s two weekends in a row, but it’s great fun and I am out of the country for the next two and a half weeks, followed by July 4 and a week for Dad’s Memorial in Wisconsin. Time to go now.

Steussy's Watching Shamu from the Soak Zone

After two visits, we know we’re still missing three shows, two major rides and innumerable other smaller exhibits. We tried to make it a short trip (9:30am to 2pm), but even that short visit exhausted all of us — particularly the two smallest Steussy’s.

Shipwreck Rapids

Thanks again, Aunt Helen and Uncle Tom!

Packed for a day in the park.

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  1. Great pics! Thanks!

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