Calvin Steussy: Burial

We returned from New Glarus this morning at 3:30am. I have a treasure trove of images, videos and documents to share. Since I’m traveling again at the end of this week, it may be ten days or more before the best of these gets published.

Dad’s burial was at 10am, Saturday July 24, at the Swiss Reformed Cemetery in New Glarus, Wisconsin. A tent stands over the proceedings to protect from sun or rain. The location is perfect — on top of a low hill, immediately adjacent to Dad’s mother and father (Helen Freitag Steussy and Edwin Emil Steussy).

The roses, red and white for the University of Wisconsin, are ready. The urn is a polished rosewood box. Click below for more photos.

Explaining the tombstones and what a cemetery is to the next generation.

Inside the tent: Nic, Mom, Barbara, Chris

Lindsay, Marti and David; before the services

Jolly Sue, Buzzy, Veronica, Aaron and Gabi

Mom lays a red rose on Dad's urn

Camilla chooses a rose for Grandpa Cal, helped by Cousin Alex.

Daniel's rose is white

Close up of Dad's roses

After services, a look at Steussy's from the past. Here rests Maria Steussy, died of TB at age 23 in 1898. Mother to three boys, including Grandfather Edwin and Great Uncle Henry.

Another view of Maria Steussy's headstone

Chris looks at the tombstone of Melchoir Steussy, the first Steussy. Note the tombstone was raised by Melchoir's son Jacob, who changed the spelling of his name.

Locations of the tombstones

KC gives Aaron an impromptu spelling lesson nearby

Thanks to Helen for several of these pictures.

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  1. jolly sue baker says:

    I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with you and your family. I think this trip was the most meaningful I have ever taken. Thank you for your warm hospitality. It is great to be able to share your amazing pictures with my partner and children.

    I look forward to seeing you all again.

    Hugs for everyone at your house. Jolly Sue

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