I made it back from China. “So, how was it?” you ask.

Confusing, big, crowded, busy, noisy. Everything that you’ve heard, and lot’s that you haven’t. I plan on doing a few posts over the next few days, detailing some of the things that I was interested in.

As an overview, the trip was very successful. I gave a well-received speech and met lots of people from my industry in Suzhou. By coming ten days early, I was able to re-start my Chinese language skills from twenty years ago. And, I was able to get all of my techie-things more or less accomplished (bypassing the Great Firewall and posting to Facebook – getting my iPhone to work on a Chinese SIM card – and the like).

I expected to see lots of things: buildings, roadways and factories. I was not expecting to see others: Chinese backpackers, loads of Chinese speaking foreigners and an incredible invasion of American franchise stores.

If you want to see my photos from Facebook, but for some reason haven’t managed to, they can be seen on the following links:

Shanghai, my first day

Suzhou, my first day in a smaller Chinese city

Traveling in China

Day Trip to Shanghai

Back in Suzhou

Speaking at LISA, Five Star Hotel and a return to Shanghai

Seeing Nick and Aubrey, and my last day in China

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