Chris and Solana

Some of the people attending Calvin Steussy’s funeral.

Mom, Norma, Solana

Brook Steussy-Edfeldt and David Edfeldt

Mary and Larry Shanahan

Cally Parkinson, with Veronica and Camilla Steussy

Alex and Gabi

Alex, Nicky and KC

Nic Sammond, Clyde McPhee, Nic McPhee, Thomas McPhee, Brook, Misty McPhee

Barbara McPhee

Marti, David and Lindsay Steussy

Nic Steussy

Andy and Ashley Parkinson

Peter and Kay Sammond

Tom with Veronica, Camilla, Aaron and Daniel

A whole lot of Steussy's


4 Responses to “People”

  1. Nic McPhee says:

    Some very cool photos – thanks for sharing!

  2. wina steussy says:

    Chip off the old block, I’d say…

  3. wina steussy says:

    p.s. Gorgeous photos, a big second for Nic McPhee above

  4. Marlene Gillen says:

    Hello, I was a student of Mary and Larry Shanahan at Cameron University (Lawton OK) in the late 1970’s. They were two of the best teachers I ever had. I hope they are both still well – it was nice to see the pictures of them. Funny what a Google search can do!!
    Marlene Gillen (Denk) Cameron U. 1977 BA English.

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