India Bicycle Christmas Gift

My sister, Helen, contacted me in late November. She said that she wanted to give daughter Alex a copy of the photo of me in India on my bicycle years ago. I told her I would and, weeks later, I started looking into it.

Unfortunately, the quick scans I have of the sole surviving photo (located at the Freitag family farm in Monticello, Wisconsin) are not detailed enough for a full enlargement. So, I had to add other objects to make an acceptable 5″ x 7″ image — a map and some of the text from my blog post (here).

She seems happy with it, and I wanted a publicly available spot to be able to download the printable image. It’s here.

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  1. Gene steussy says:

    Ed: Where is the picture of you with your bike outside a “?” Restaurant in the middle of nowhere with a bandaged wrapped toe? I thought I had a copy but can’t find it. Mom

  2. Ed,
    I want you to know how much that gift means to Alex.
    She has been inspired her whole life by the stories of Uncle Ed and his adventurous travels.
    She knows, from hearing about you, that the whole world is open to her.

    At 22 she has traveled to Italy and Argentina.
    She has biked across America.

    And this year she graduates from college.
    Who knows where that Uncle Ed wanderlust will take her next?


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