Moving – Day 5 and counting

Text only entry here. Boxes are being packed and labeled. Ikea furniture dissembled. Everything is being staged in the garage. 26 foot truck appearing on Friday to load. Anything not on the truck is left behind. Clothes, kitchen stuff, computers, pets, … everything we have is being accounted for. A very stressful time.

Not that we’re unhappy with the final destination or why we’re headed there. But moving from the family’s home base of six plus years is tough. And the space we’ve allotted ourselves is limited. Does Barbie make the cut? What about BBQ tools I haven’t used for two years? Do I really need two Linux servers?

The office was taken apart today. External drives (which provide backup and are the sole storage point of most video) are gone. HD computer monitor is now packed. Precious desk (a trophy of an earlier business triumph) is now taken apart.

Time to move.

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