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Adventuring Niece

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

I have two traveling, adventurous nieces. Please visit them!



Law School Starts

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

The reason we moved to Davis and have utterly shifted our lives is now upon us; law school has started. The Intro Week is now complete and it is time to start our actual studies.

I’ve met many of my fellow colleagues at King Hall. I am the oldest (err, most mature) in the class. I have the largest family with me. While statistics have not been published on the class beyond some brief measures, it appears that perhaps only ten other people are married. Notwithstanding a few oddballs like myself, it is a traditional post-graduate experience.

In talking with my fellow students, there is a range of reasons to be coming to law school. Driven, mature personalities; lost souls; seekers of fame, power and fortune; individuals on an intellectual challenge; some who simply see law school as the only way to legitimize an undergraduate eduction in political science, English or or other “soft” study. (My own reasons are published in detail here.) An interesting group; young, mature, attractive, enthusiastic. Certainly not overly cynical, greedy, brittle, egotistical or narcissistic; as lawyers and law students are commonly portrayed.

Personally, the challenge for me will be the separation of family and studies. I’ve filled my locker at King Hall with all of my books and notes, a stash of Diet Coke and power bars, workout clothes and other necessities. It will be where I study. When I come home, it will be to tell a few brief tales of the events to the day but, largely, to enjoy the trials and tribulations of my small family.

Above is a photo of Daniel, Veronica and Gabi running across an open field to get to Rainbow City, a vast playground in North Davis. We’ve been going to it in the evenings, after eating pizza in a downtown student restaurant.

Appearing somewhat like a wooden Angkor Wat, Rainbow City is a vast playground will slides, swings, jumps and falls. Perfect for four little boys and girls to get lost, meet people and play.

Here all four kids take turns sliding on a long, tall concrete slide (part of a skateboard park) near Rainbow City. The cardboard improves their speed on the rough surface.

With good luck (and planning), I’ll have sufficient time concentrating and studying at King Hall to continue to enjoy my family here in our new city. Three years is not so long; it feels like Aaron was born yesterday and he is nearly four now.

It will be an interesting journey.

New Resume

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

I just uploaded my legal resume, which needs to the main entry for If you haven’t seen it, click here. The blog, as you can clearly see, is still available. You need to come to to access it.