Time is my Enemy

Time is my enemy now. Virtually every minute of the week is accounted for. There are fifteen hours of classes, which are accompanied by some 30 hours of studying. Two hours out of class for every hour in class. Then there are about ten additional hours to make up for things I don’t understand, additional homework, practicing on Lexis/Nexis or Westlaw or other law school affiliated work.

On weekdays, I’m home by 5:30 or 6pm. Once home, I try to devote my attention to Gabi and the kids, until I’m off the school again the next day. On weekends, things are a bit different. Friday evenings are centered around our weekly martini parties, which we all thoroughly enjoy (“Can you make me a small one this week, Ed?”).

Saturdays are for the family. Sunday morning, I make an early commute to the library, where I can get an additional five hours of study in before coming home to watch football games with Gabi.

I don’t read the news anymore. I used to read the Economist cover-to-cover each week. Now, I scan Yahoo News once every two days or so. I don’t make all of the phone calls to family and friends that I used to. I have a science fiction book that I started three weeks ago, and I’m still less than halfway through it. My current videogame was started in mid-August and I will be lucky to finish it in October.

I’m reporting facts here, not complaining. I’m thoroughly entertained by the reading I’m doing for law school. I find the threading of logic in each class call completely engrossing. And my time with Gabi and the kids is much more sparkly, for being so infrequent.

I’m posting this as an apology to everyone who might feel forgotten. You’re not forgotten; it is just that my universe is now nearly completely filled with law school and family. There just isn’t room for much else, though I’m making sure to create time and space for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other important events. It’s different. And I am enjoying this a great deal.

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  1. All the more reason it was an incredible gift for you to travel to Indiana to celebrate Mom’s 90th birthday.

    Hang in there. I’ve been there, too. It’s amazing how the world of news still goes on without you.

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