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I don't want to give the impression that working up the new information system isn't fun. While its frustrating when things don't work ("But the ads all say you are easy to use, Mac. What's the deal?"), there are fun discoveries along the way.

The iLife series by Mac has grown since I last bought an OS X computer. iWeb is one that I will play with at some point. I never had a chance to use Garage Band before, though I know some people rave about it.

What's this Photobooth thingie?

Hmm. Turns on the webcam embedded above the laptop screen. Oh my God! That's what I look like?!? Where's a comb? Time for a haircut! I know - get a cute kid to sit next to me. Camilla! Camilla! Where are you? Come to the gazebo!

The marks on Camilla's face are from strawberries - please don't call Child Services. That last photo is by Gabi when she first played with it. But you knew that, didn't you?


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